At The Service Outlet, we’re proud to offer dealership-quality auto repair and maintenance services at low outlet prices the whole community can appreciate. But what’s better than great prices? Great discounts! We’re happy to bring discounts on repair and maintenance services to both new and returning customers.

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Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Shield

Catalytic converters are stolen every day and can cost over $4,000 to replace due to the precious metal found inside them. Worse yet, they’re on national back order! Don’t find yourself waiting for parts to come in. Make it harder for thieves to remove by installing a protective shield on your Toyota Prius today.

$25 OffWith Coupon

Timing Belt Special

Timing belts are critical for your engine.
Help prepare for changing driving conditions
with the right maintenance right now.
Get $100 off 6-cylinder models and $50 off 4-cylinder models.

Up to…$100 OFFOutlet Price

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Improve mileage and extend the life of your vehicle
follow recommended service schedules.

10% OFFOutlet Price

Front or Rear Brake Special

  • Genuine Factory Parts
  • New Front or Rear Pads
  • Resurface Rotors

$50 OFF Outlet Price

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